Savannah, GA

Besides visiting dear friends, this is unanimously our favorite stop so far. We could have easily spent up to 2 weeks here. The city squares and historical houses are as numerous as they are beautiful. They are adorned with Oaks, Magnolias, and Crepe Myrtles, and many have monuments or fountains. They are peaceful places to sit and relax in the cool shade.

In addition, Terri is a lifetime Girl Scout, so this stop was special because Juliet Gordon Low lived and died here. Juliet founded Girl Guides, which became Girl Scouts, and hopefully what it has grown into, exceeded her dreams. She was very creative and apparently raised to be independent during an age when women were not expected to be so.

We visited Bonaventure Cemetery outside of town, made famous by the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. The headstones were eerily beautiful, like ghosts of the cemetery. We also went a a ghost walk where we were shown many sights and told the local lore of those suspected haunted places.


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