Triple C’s RV Park, Chattahoochee, FL

  • So Thursday, 25 Apr 2019 was not a great day on the road….but still better than a day at work!

    Started out with finding a nail in one of the new RV tires. We changed it out with the spare and hit the road 45 mins late. We got to Discount Tires in Pensacola, FL and after an hour were back on the road with our tire fixed and replaced. We got to our next stop around I-10 and 231 (Compass Point RV Resort), and the GPS took us down a one lane road to a dead end with no turn around! So I had to back the RV backup the road about 1/3 mile, which took about 20 mins. We finally found the check-in and paid for the spot, but when we got there, it was no where near level, and I estimate we wound have to stack 8-10 2x6s to get it level, the spots were crappy even for a tent! There were also some shady characters that looked like they were squatting there for a while…NOT safe, so we left and finally found a nice park about 35 miles east on I-10 at about 7pm. What should have been a 3 hour day turned into an 8 hour day….

    We met Kirby and Kayleen from Albaquerqe, NM. They are a semi-retired aeronautic engineer/College Professor and teacher heading back home after welcoming their latest grandchild. Quite an interesting couple. Back in the mid eighties, Kirby was on the short list to go up on the space shuttle Challenger. He is descended from the Zuni Tribe in New Mexico, and teaches the science and math behind Zuni astronomical beliefs and observations on over night excursions into the southwest desert.

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