Riverview RV Park, Vidalia, LA

I have mixed emotions about our visit to this Pre-Civil War antebellum city. As a lover of architecture, I enjoy the historic buildings and plantation houses. They are beautiful, ornate, and marvels of engineering.

However, the wealth that provided these land owners to ability to build these magnificent homes was provided by the practice of slavery. People forced from their homelands, living in horrific conditions, to provide the labor required during the pre-industrial age.

That being said, slavery is a sad part of our American history, we did not invent it. It has been practiced world-wide over millennia, by conquerors over the conquered, regardless of color or ethnicity. We can not, and should never bury our heads in the sand like it never happened. The history of slavery, over all of recorded history, should be taught, and learned from it. Otherwise we are destined to repeat it. We are who we are, warts and all.

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